Learn How to Learn New Skills Effectively and Rapidly

“The ability to learn effectively and rapidly is arguably the most important skill to acquire.” – Slim Habli, Educator and Entrepreneur

In a world of rapid socio-economic changes as well as technological breakthroughs, the ability to adapt your skillset rapidly to new environments is unquestionably crucial. Not only is it essential to develop your skills but above all it is essential to adopt a lifestyle of lifelong learning. Professor Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), highlights the fact that individuals must take a proactive approach towards their own path of lifelong learning.

According to the Future of Jobs Report 2018, automation and artificial Intelligence will generate prosperity and millions of new jobs, but as many as 375 million people worldwide will need to shift occupational categories and upgrade their skills during the transition. 

The unprecedented disruption by the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the urgency for agility, adaptability and transformation. Industry structures and business models are being rethought, and the digitalization of the economy is rapidly progressing.

However, before you start acquiring new skills to apply them in your daily professional and private lives, you first need to master the ability to learn new skills effectively and fast. The Future of Jobs Report 2020 mentioned that one of the Top 10 Skills of 2025 are active learning and learning strategies. And that is the focus of this course.

Do you want to know how to learn new skills effectively and rapidly and turn a threat into an opportunity? Then this course is for you!

Who is this course for?
  • Are you an employee looking to develop your skills by reskilling or upskilling and be ready for the future-working environment? 
  • Did you lose your previous job due to its’ digitization and automation? Stay calm and turn a threat to an opportunity. Consider subscribing to this free course which will help you to prepare for the jobs of the future.
  • Are you a student who wants to achieve excellence in your studies and exams and deliver a competitive edge? 
  • Are you an entrepreneur, business person, or an investor who is inspired to adopt a lifestyle of excellence and lifelong learning? 
  • Are you an athlete looking to unlock your mental capabilities by knowing how to learn new skills fast that boost your physical performance on the field?
  • Are you a retired person who wants to constantly develop oneself by learning new skills and keep on contributing to our society?
  • Or do you simply want to know how to learn new skills fast and effectively to boost personal and professional life and deliver a competitive edge?

If you are any of the above, then this is a course for you!

This online course will focus on the following:
  • Why is learning, reskilling and upskilling very important in today’s modern world?
  • Have the right mindset before you begin to learn
  • How your brain actually works
  • Fuel your brain with goodness
  • Tips on tackling new skills and applying them in your daily work
  • Effective learning methods that give you a unique advantage over everyone else
  • And a lot more!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to update and upgrade your skillset so that you can not only stay relevant but achieve excellence in the modern economic and social environment.

Your Instructor - Slim Habli
  • 10+ years experience as educator
  • 2000+ students teached
  • 3000+ classes held
  • 100+ students & professionals mentored
  • Frequent guest lecturer at renowned universities
  • Certified educator (Swiss Federation for Adult Learning)
  • Leading advocate of lifelong learning
  • Entrepreneur & investor



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